thunders roll like drums

as our love explodes...

there’s no longer you in the mirror

but just my fading shadow...

you never understood me

and just flew away in the rain...

alone in this room

I think of you

but all I see is just rain

over and over again...

this never-ending rain washes away

every trace of you

every kiss from you...

you said you loved me

and then it poured down

and you loved me no more...

this never ending rain washes away

all the dream I had

all the times we had...

nothing inspires me anymore

nothing moves me anymore

and all I feel is just rain

over and over again...

trying to sleep alone

but the rain fills my head

my body is numb and my mind is blank

no more feelings nor emotions

just frustration...

a grey rose is all that’s left

when once it was so red and beautiful..

you came

you touched

you left...

I lost all I had

but this deep hate for myself won’t ever leave me...

I think I won’t survive this time...

this never-ending rain makes me feel so sad and grey...

this never-ending rain never stops...

this never-ending fear never leaves...

this never-ending pain will last forever...

and it feels like rain

and it feels like tears

and it feels like you...

and it rains...

it just rains...

and it never stops...

it never stops...

(strange as clouds she used to live

in my dreams...)

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she’s as beautiful as roses

and so many eyes want to pick her up...

but she’s in love with an imaginary man

she’s just friend with an imaginary friend

she’s just afraid of her inner self...

I try to dry her tears

but my love won’t suffice

feeling inside

faking outside

her skin tastes soft

her eyes look so lost

as she dreams of angels...

she’s so beautiful

I can’t breathe

I love her

but she doesn’t

I’m so sad

she’s so sad

she’s so sad

a sense of senseless love

so cold I shiver

so cold she shivers

I told her I love her

but she did not hear my words

she believes in worlds of magic

she just can’t find love in this ordinary world

grey clouded sky

and sad dry lips

she can’t find her way

she can’t find the reason why

she’s so sad and always will be

she can’t trust her heart

she can’t feel real love

she’s so sad and will always cry

twisted feelings and confused emotions

pouring rain and dying suns

she’s so sad

and sad I can’t make her happy

she’s so sad

and sad I can’t help her live her dreams

she dreams

she dreams

she dreams a world of dreams

so far away from this world

she’s too beautiful for this world...

she will never be happy